A Manufacturing Revolution in the United States of America

A Revolution

It all started 2009, USA Tealight began streamlining the small but notorious Tealight Candle. Our research led us to the realization of the ever growing Tealight market. At the time the market was dominated almost entirely by low-quality, commodity-grade, pressed Tealights imported from manufacturers in China, Vietnam and various manufacturing plants overseas. The dream became reality and through it all USA Tealight was born.
With over 20 Years of Candle creating craftsmanship, USA Tealight has set out to create a United State-of-the-art manufacturing facility capable of fulfilling premium quality & quantity orders within industry standards.
USA Tealight was founded in Avenel, NJ where we still continue our daily operations. Working with expert engineers, we created a fully automated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that utilizes the time-honored pouring method of producing top quality Tealight Candles. This process allows for production using only 100% wax, and 0% additives. The pouring process allows us to create robust fragrance content as well as richer color formulations, the hallmarks of high quality consumer candles.
Leveraging years of experience, vendor and customer relationships, the USA Tealight brand was introduced to the market. Today, our products can be found across all markets. Ranging from Big Box Retailer, Local Supermarkets, Drug stores, Restaurant Suppliers, & more.
USA Tealight is recognized as a premier US manufacturer of high quality Tealight products.


With over 40 year of combined experience in Candle Creation Craftsmanship, Manufacturing, Distribution, & Marketing, USA Tealight keeps an unprecedented team at its helm.