Buying Bulk

Having a Special Occasion where you need to purchase Candles in Bulk but don't want to pay retail price?

USA Tealight offers and encourages our customers to Buy In Bulk!

Buying Bulk allows our customers to save time and money by replacing the need of finding the same type of candle from store to store while along passing on the savings to you.

USA Tealight formulates its own blends on-site, creating higher fragrance quality and concentrations than the pre-manufactured wax used by pressed candle manufacturers. We formulate our own fragrances, so we can create new scents in response to customer requests, or quickly respond to trends in customer fragrance preferences.

in order to ensure the highest form of Customer Satisfaction, we maintain a robust finished goods inventory - ready to ship from our expansive warehouse in order to rapidly respond to Customer Orders. That means Faster Order Fulfillment, Quicker Delivery Time, and Tighter Quality Control. We know the candle sales cycles, and accordingly warehouse the necessary raw materials and finished goods inventory that seasonal sales cycled demand. We can stock up to 60 tons of refined paraffin to support 24x7 production, with all of our material being sourced from within the United States